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About The Founder


Evangelist Sarah Ugochukwu Ndukwu was born into the family of Nze. & Lolo. Madunor Chidi Emenike of Obinocha, Nkwere, lmo State. She attended Christ Church Primary School, Uwani, Enugu, WTC Practicing School, Enugu. Queens School Enugu, University of Jos where she studied psychology and then University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu Campus where she studied Law. She was  called to the Nigerian Bar in 1983 and after the National Youth Service, commenced her Career as an Oil & Gas Lawyer with the Nigerian National Petroleum where she is working till date. She obtained a Masters of Laws in Energy and Environmental Law from the University of

Houston, Texas, USA. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, (London and Nigeria).

Currently, she is the Manager, Litigation and Property Law in NNPC.  Evangelist Sarah is a practicing Christian having given her Life to Christ in 1986 at Braes Wood Assemblies of God Church, Houston, Texas. She was nurtured as a Christian at Soul Winning Chapel Yaba, Lagos, were she was later ordained as an Evangelist.  She was the Secretary General of Women Evangelistic Fellowship International (WEF) an arm of Soul Winning Chapel.  She attended Redeemed Bible College, RCCG and the School of Spiritual Warfare, MFM. Currently, she is a member of the Prayer Warrior Team of MFM, Abuja and the Class Governor of the Hannah Class of Sunday school. She has a passion for seeking out lost souls to give them hope and courage particularly, the Christian women. Evangelist Sarah, having herself experienced gender oppression and violence both directly and through accounts of family, friends, office colleagues and even Church members; she decided to do something to eliminate all forms of oppression against women.

The vision of Celebration of Women in Christ crystalized in 2004 when she heard a message delivered by Pastor Mrs  Sade Olukoya on gender oppression. In her message she concluded that Christian Women bear the brunt of the ills of the society but unfortunately, there are no Laws to protect them. Having a penchant for justice and fairness she started working on existing Laws to ensure that changes are made to protect women.

Evangelist Sarah is using the medium of CWIC to reach out to the oppressed women and provide both spiritual and material support for them and also encourage them to rehabilitate themselves and hold their own in the Society. Together with her partners in the Ministry Mrs lbukun Oginni and Prophetess lkechi Chimah, they have joined hands to provide succour, support and encouragement for devout Christian women who are facing grave challenges, oppression and suppression in the society due to their firm stand and resolve to live a life of Christ in integrity.
CWIC has organised many Celebration Dinners where Women who have passed through oppressive and suppressive challenges are invited to share their experience in order to encourage others. CWIC Law Review Committee is working on enhancing the Laws to provide protection for women so that our daughters are not exposed to the same oppressive environment. Assisted by her learned friend and brother in the Ministry Pastor Charles Ndukwe they are pursuing the necessary changes in the Law.

Evangelist Sarah also established the Girls in Christ Forum (Gs in C) which is a young girls version of CWIC where young girls of ages 13-25 are nurtured and encouraged to imbibe good morals. CWIC has various outlets for encouraging Christian women. There are the Dinners with the Celebrants (DWS), the Widows Special Session (WSS) and the Prisons Outreach for Women (POW)

Evangelist Sarah Ndukwu is married with 2 children and many children in the Lord.