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About CWIC

Celebration of women in Christ was established in 2007 and formally inaugurated at Reitz Continental Hotel Abuja, F.C.T in 2008, by our Grand Patrons Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries World Wide.

  Celebration of Women in Christ  

We are a group of women who have been mandated by God to promote love and provide support and sustainable empowerment for the devout Christian Woman of integrity in our world today. It is a known fact that maintaining Christian integrity becomes more and more difficult in our world today with the prevalent corruption, injustice and especially suppression and oppression of women. A Nation whose women are suppressed and unhappy has a long way to go in development. In CWIC, we do what we can do to ensure that women retain their integrity no matter what challenges they are faced with. What we also do is to seek ways of creating a conducive environment for Christian Women to practice their faith without compromise.

Ways we have employed to achieve our aim:

We have established 3 CATEGORIES of SUPPORT PROJECTS for achieving our goals.

  1. 1. Global Support Project (GSP)
      i. Dinner with the Celebrant (DWC) to honour and empower Women of integrity
      ii. Law Review Project (LRP) to establish a law that will punish offenders in gender violence
      iii. Women’s Law Office (WLO). Where women can go to lay complaints of violence
    2. Chapter Support Project (CSP)
      i. The Widows and Single Mothers Session (WISMOS). (‘’Adopt a widow Award’’ True Friendship Award) to ensure that widows and single mothers are self-dependent and emotionally settled.
      ii. Girls In Christ Forum (Gs in C) (Talent show Award and The Rebecca Award) (TSA & TRA) to empower our girls to grow into women of integrity.
      iii Children In Christ Forum (Gs in C) (Bible Recitation and Spelling Competition) to encourage our Children to grow into Christian role models.
    3. Personal Support Project (PSP)
      i. Visits and donations to orphanages
      ii. Visits and donations to schools
      iii. Visits and donations to the less privileged ( the poor, the handicapped and the imprisoned)
      iv. Generally help other women to live a life of integrity and encourage them to do the same to their fellow women.

We invite you to join hands with us to champion this course in whatever country you find yourself