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One of the areas we use to encourage our Christian sisters to remain steadfast in integrity is by our Celebration Dinners which we call “Dinner with the Celebrant”. We hold this twice a year, usually in a relaxed atmosphere, like a Hotel. We invite a devout Christian Woman who has passed through grievous challenges in life due to her stand in Christ. This sister will share her experience after which we recognize her as our “Celebrant in Christ”. Such a Celebrant is showered with a lot of love and gift. It is our own way of sensitizing our fellow Christian women on how it will look in Heaven when God himself will recognize and decorate us for being steadfast in-spite of the challenges and temptations of this world. This event discourages others from compromise.

Some of our Celebrants are shown below:

Abandoned and denied conjugal rights by her husband for over 15 years, highly oppressed by strange women in her home. She endured untold suppression. Now she is a Minister of God, helping other women in their walk through life.
A University Professor who was denied her professorship because she would not succumb to the pressure of some occutic men who wanted to compromise her before awarding her the professorship. Today she has made it and still waxing strong in the Lord.
Our sister went through terrible ordeal in her husband’s house, she was forced into a mental home and abandoned as mad, but God delivered her, she fought a lot of battles against the occultic friends of her husband in order to save her life and her children. Today she is alive and living a victorious Christian life with her children and happily serving the Lord.

We have many more Celebrants with most inspiring testimonies:

Our sister from Edo State Nigeria who was abandoned by her husband after she  went through untold hardship to pay his school fees at the university and the Law school. Today the man is a prominent man in the society while she has just started her own university education. Even then the man is threatening to frustrate her education. Today she is a beautiful servant of the Lord taking care of her children.