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Prison Outreach

In CWIC we have concern for our Christian sisters who are incarcerated in prison custody. Some of them are innocent but found themselves there. Some were criminals but repented while in prison. With our friendship, encouraging them to have hope and not to surrender to a life of condemnation. The prison warders are not even helping issues. There are stories of torture and molestation for those who would not succumb to the lustful advances of some prison warders

One of our Celebrants told us how she was about to be raped while in cell custody but was rescued. The sister was rescued by a fellow church member who happened to be around. In CWIC we visit them and encourage and even take up some of their cases to see if they could be released. Their cases could be tried early or if already charged. Even when convicted their cases can be reviewed. We believe that those ones who really want to walk with Christ should be encouraged so they can permanently turn away from crime. At one of the visits to the prison, we assisted a female in-mate who had just delivered a baby by providing things required to take care of the baby. We have even assigned some lawyers to assist some of them with their cases. We are also working on rehabilitating those that are freed from the prison.