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Widow’s Session

In CWIC we consider our widowed Sisters as special brides of Christ whom the devil tries to defile by presenting all kinds of challenges to them to drive them to compromise. Some of these challenges include rejection, lack of finances, loneliness and problems with raising their children. We have a programme called, “Adopt a Widow”, where our Sisters are made to have at least one widow friend to share her burdens with. At Widows Session we encourage them to share their intimate concerns. We find out that money may be important to them but most especially, they need friendship and companionship, we encourage them to established bonds among themselves and also contact us for counseling and even render financial assistance and moral support. This is to ensure that they are not compelled to go after men who will only use them and complicate their already complicated lives all the more. Some men may make false promises to them, just to defile them and when they collect what they want, they simply abandoned them. In CWIC we encourage them to be sufficient in themselves. We encourage them to have pet projects which will keep them serving God and humanity. At the end of each session we have a True Friendship Award competition where the best friendship is rewarded in with a True Friendship Award Plaque with cash prizes.